The thousand year old temples of Angkor lie peacefully, in a lush grassy wooded area, just 20 minutes drive from the Golden Temple Villa. The UNESCO-protected ruins of Angkor Wat, is the centre piece of the once-mighty Khmer empire which covered a vast 400 square metre area.

Although there are more than 150 significant temples in the area, guests normally explore Angkor Wat temple plus the temples of Bayon and Ta Phrom. Other temples worth a visit include Banteay Srei,and the temple group at Roluos.

Guests may enjoy a leisurely sail around the moat of Angkor Wat aboard an Angkorean battle boat, known as Kongkear Angkor. In 1177AD, boats of this type won a great battle on the Tonle Sap river, not far from Phnom Krom, the acknowledged entrance to the Khmer empire.