Travelling has turned to be a popular profession as well as a passion. People travel for various reasons, and most people tend to travel and explore the world all alone. Crazy, isn’t it? On the other hand, it is significant for the caretakers of their properties to attract the solo-travellers. One should come up with unique techniques to market their hotel or resort or property with solo travellers. Thus, we have lined up some tips and ideal ways to deal with the same!

1. Sort the location and price!

Be aware that most solo travellers prefer to spend less money and often look for budget-friendly property to live in. To balance both customers’ needs and your business, you can create separate dorms and single rooms to attract solo travellers. In addition, you can keep discounts and offers on the same. For instance, offer packages like two nights’ stay, a field hike, and one night free on the weekend, so that it looks budget-friendly and worth to the solo travellers and might attract them to your place!


2. Assure their safety!

As they are solo travellers, they will be concerned about safety, hygiene, and nearness. According to research, it is reported that 93% of men and 79% of women avoid solo travelling due to safety issues. So, make sure your facilities and amenities sound safe to them. Explain about your property, be kind and patient while doing so. Include all the possible safety measures such as installation of CCTV, Fire safety, SOS facility, facilities for a medical emergency, etc.


3. Plan community gatherings and events!

Nowadays, organising community gatherings, some fun activities, and events are trendy. Solo travellers get attracted to fun activities that include installing a bonfire, offering a couple of drinks, snacks, singing songs, share stories, dance to the tunes; more like a cute and safe party. You can also add games to the session like Pictionary, dumb charades, football matches, musical chairs, etc., that acts as a cherry on top!

4. Collaborate with local activity providers!

local activity providers

Solo travellers prefer to experience the local stuff in that specific area; they try to experience the local culture and tradition in that place. Suggest the best places to visit, eat, and chill by tying up with the local activity providers. This will enhance your marketing skills to attract customers as well as preserve the pureness of local shops and places too. Also, you will have another opportunity for an additional source of revenue. Make the stay easy for them as much as possible by offering them a convenient cab or a car. Also, see if you can arrange a vehicle, as mentioned above, and send people in groups that might help the solo travellers to have a budget-friendly local trip!