To attract customers to high-end luxury villas, the hotel business should indeed come up with new ideas. New ideas such as offering special discounts to customers, installing some casinos, spas, shopping malls, and so on, will help the hotel gain more customers very often. Establishing spas in your hotel could be a great idea only if you consider and keep some crucial things in your mind. T

Thus, we have lined up some important things that you need to consider while establishing a spa in a pool villa and high-end luxury hotels!

● Discover “what makes your spa different from others?”

Remember that establishing spas does not make your hotel look unique and extraordinary. Instead, the special features your spa possess make your hotel look cool and different from other ones. There is a term called “Unique Selling Point,” which comes under marketing. As mentioned earlier, one should look for something creative and unique in their business and so during the establishment of a spa!

● Design some activities inside the spa!


Making your customers chill in the pool does not keep them entertained; it seems like the usual treatment of every spa. So, make sure you arrange some activities to keep them busy and entertained as well. Also, instead of relying upon a traditional Jacuzzi bath, choose a vitality pool. Lastly, create exceptional experiences for your customers by using creative ideas such as installing wet facilities, thermal rooms, etc.

● Do not ignore your pool furniture!

While establishing a spa, most people tend to ignore the furniture part near the pool, but do consider the pool furniture as it gives a stunning look to your spa and offers customers the best service and experience!
Create spaces for relaxation beds, and chairs right behind the pool so that the customer can read a book or just enjoy the environment!

● Consider kid-friendly spas!

If your place is a hub of tourist places, it would be great if your spa is kid-friendly. As people tend to come with their families, this facility can attract them as well, resulting in gaining more customers. For instance, you can create a space for kid massages or manicures along with some fun activities for the kids to indulge in while their parents and other family members give themselves a small break from the busy world.

● Do not ignore weekday business!

Most hotel managers focus on the weekends and tend to keep discounts and offer on the same. But, be aware that the customers would love to come during the mid-week too. Make sure you work on marketing and advertise your offers and discounts effectively. Also, along with discounts and offers, extend the time for manicures and massages at the same rate. Ensure that the hotel staff is recommending its customers to visit the spa; offer them commission to encourage them to attract more customers to the spa!