If you are happy and you know it is, take a sip. Some dinner celebrations are incomplete without a drink. Here are nine after-dinner drinks that end your celebration in a happy mood.

Drink number one – Can you pass me the port wine, son?

A rich drink that has a mix of vanilla and butterscotch is the perfect aftermath. To add to the richness of your dinner, add some fruits like grapes. Port wine is a savior of the evening when served with dark chocolate dessert and love.

Drink number two – Order the aged rum at the brew

A dark and Aged rum is a perfect setting for the evening. It adds a flavor to the end dinner and brings out the not-so-dark Side of the person. Serve the drink with your favorite spice.


Drink number three – is Amora a mixture of trees?

Amora, as the name suggests, is a drink of flavors. It’s a mix of herbs, flowers, and species. As it sounds medicinal, it is an aid to your digestive system. The Italian amora is a perfect drink when combined with ice or spirits or can be consumed neat.

Drink number four – let’s drink brandy and explore

Brandy is a perfect after drink for your dinner as it comes in a variety of flavors. From new fresh brandy that may taste sweet to aged old brandy. A mixture of innovation with brandy is a combination to remember. Try a brandy cocktail or serve it in an old-fashioned way with desert.

ice wine

Drink Number five – Am I high or hive on ice wine?

Ice wines are wines that are made up of grapes picked when they are covered in ice. The wine tastes sweet. IF you live in a desert, this wine is for you.

Drink number six – Let’s sherry fix this

Sherry can be an ingredient in your dinner and can be served after dinner as well. Sherry is a famous wine that is used as a cooking ingredient. So, play with the drink. Blend the wine with a cocktail or serve it raw. It is a fresh drink in every sip.

Drink number seven – Bring Kahlua at eleven

Kahlua is a coffee liqueur from Mexico. It is an after-night drink that is a blend of rum, sugar, and coffee. It tastes fresh when sipped neat.

Kahlua at eleven

Drink number Eight – Jagermeister can’t wait

Jagermeister is a mix of 50 herbs and species and still manages to taste yum. That’s right. The digestive drink is a perfect match for heavy dinners and classic endings if you enjoy flavors; this drink is your match.

Drink number nine – A Chartreuse will be fine

A french combination of 130 varieties of herbs and flowers is a classic dinner drink. If the glass were a popular rhyme, it would be, take a sip if you are happy and you know it.

So, try the excellent perfect after drinks, with your dinner. Don’t forget to sing. When you are happy, and you know it, take a sip.